5 ways to get out of your comfort zone.

A lot of people have a place that they feel comfortable, where they are relaxed, where they don’t have to worry. Most people know this as “the comfort zone.” We all have one and we tend to go to it when we face something challenging in our daily life. We have the mentality of “if I stay in my comfort zone, everything will be ok.” 

We are all guilty of staying where we feel relaxed, not delibretly putting ourselves in situations that make us feel anxious with little stress. Whilst it is wise to play it safe most of the time, this practice is not good all of the time. 

Expreriences which involve a little bit of healthy stress and excitement is good for growth and enables you to learn new things about yourself, about your personality and your abilities. 

It is our natural animal instincts to stay where we are comfortable. When we face an obstacle or a task which takes us out of this, our body’s response is simply to shrink back into our zone and stay there. 

So how can I get myself out of my comfort zone I hear you say? Read below and I’ll give you some tips. 

What is outside of your comfort zone? 

Learning what is outside of your comfort zone is the start. Asking yourself what new things you want to try but are afraid to because you don’t want to fail. 

Write them down. Maybe you want to try something extreme like skydiving or maybe your taste is a little more mild and you always wanted to learn to play the piano. Comfort zones differ from one person to the next. Once you work out where your comforts sit,  it will be easier try something new.

Fail, fail and fail again.

Then learn from it, Surely, you’ve heard this before but it rings repeated. Failure is not the final result, totally the opposite, in fact it is a step to success. 

The main reason people don’t leave their comfort zones are because they are nervous about failure. 

This is why it is so critical to change your view of failure to enable you to succeed. 

The next step is to stop believing that failure as the final straw and look at it as a lesson. 

The questions that you should be asking yourself are, What can you learn from your past failures?  How will they help you to become better at whatever you choose?

Fear of failure can diminish any chance that you have of an improvement but when you choose to see it as learning curve, your comfort zone won’t be able to limit you anymore. 

Small steps 

One of the main reasons people go back to their comfort zones is the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

If you are continually pushing your boundaries, going too fast, too soon, then these things could be the very thing that puts you back in there. The trick is to take baby steps. 

Don’t try to take massive jumps out of your comfort zone. You are more than likely going to get flustered and won’t make it anywhere. 

So take small steps towards your end goal and you’ll have a much better chance at succeeding. 

Make it enjoyable

When you take you first steps out of your comfort zone, try not to focus so much on the steps that you take, or the goals you want to achieve, and the things you need to do to complete them.

Instead, make it fun. Remember, you taking yourself out of your comfort zone for self growth, to try something new, but most importantly to succeed beyond what you thought was possible. 

Consentrate on the enjoyment you’ll have with your new activities or how your new learnt skills will give you more time to enjoy yourself. 

After all, isn’t that the whole reason why you are getting out of your comfort zone in the first place? 

Put your conformt zone to sleep once in a while

Taking some chill time in your comfort zone once in a while is a healthy thing to do. 

However, don’t live in there all the time. You’ll miss out on so many opportunities to improve yourself and find new things you enjoy. 

Take a risk and get out today. Start by learning what’s outside of your comfort zone, learning from failure, take small steps, and make it fun. You can do it and you’ll be much better off for it.

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