How to create a 6 figure digital online business in 90 days or less 

Step 1 

What are the 5 key elements in doing this?  

1) traffics (eyes on your product)

2) funnel (getting people in)

3) filter (getting the right people in)

4) follow up (connecting with your buyer)

5) ascension model (having something for you customer to up grade to) 
So today I learned about the above 5 key steps to digital marketing.

I consider myself to be quite a smart person. But the things that Michael Force has done by creating this education programme has blown my mind.

 Not only is he a multi millionaire, but he has created a package of programmes which tells you how he got there. Instead of keeping that information to himself. He is leveraging his knowledge by allowing normal people like you and me to be able to learn from it and make millions. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I’d say it would take a pretty inspirational person to think outside of the box to do that!!! Knowledge is power. Find out how


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