Hard work pays off 

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Hard work pays off
What was the worst thing about getting up today? The fact that the bank holiday was over? Getting the children up for school after over two weeks at home? Rushing around, tripping over the dog for the 10th time because he hasn’t got a clue what all the fuss is about after a chilled weekend?
For me, as a mum of two and a step mum of two, was knowing that the long weekend was over and I had to rush my children out the door, leaving them at the school playground knowing I wouldn’t be there to pick them up because of work commitments.
After 10 years of not doing the school run every day, paying someone to look after my children so I could go to work, this Easter holiday I decided enough was enough, I decided to make a change to change mine, my fiance’s and my children’s future forever.
Affer much research and endless different home business trials which are mostly seasonal, you name it, I’ve tried it, it just doesn’t last forever, people don’t want you selling things in their face, they don’t want to be told that they need that jungle juice, or take this magic pill and it will make you skinny.
I decided I would go somewhere deeper. Somewhere that I could use my skills as a trainer and learn something new to be able to teach others.
I decided to educate myself with Michael Force and Digital Altitude in the world of digital marketing, this is by far the best thing I have ever done. What have I learned?
Im going to break it down for you on a weekly basis and show you, that with drive and determination, you can better yourself and have the life you want instead of working yourself to the ground, no family life whilst lining someone else’s pocket.
Why do we do it to ourselves? Because we don’t think we are worthy? Because we are educated in a way that tells you – go to school – get a degree so that you can get a good job.
I don’t have a degree, I have common sense and good work ethic. These last three weeks, what I have learnt, has blown my mind.


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