Hard work pays off 

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Hard work pays off
What was the worst thing about getting up today? The fact that the bank holiday was over? Getting the children up for school after over two weeks at home? Rushing around, tripping over the dog for the 10th time because he hasn’t got a clue what all the fuss is about after a chilled weekend?
For me, as a mum of two and a step mum of two, was knowing that the long weekend was over and I had to rush my children out the door, leaving them at the school playground knowing I wouldn’t be there to pick them up because of work commitments.
After 10 years of not doing the school run every day, paying someone to look after my children so I could go to work, this Easter holiday I decided enough was enough, I decided to make a change to change mine, my fiance’s and my children’s future forever.
Affer much research and endless different home business trials which are mostly seasonal, you name it, I’ve tried it, it just doesn’t last forever, people don’t want you selling things in their face, they don’t want to be told that they need that jungle juice, or take this magic pill and it will make you skinny.
I decided I would go somewhere deeper. Somewhere that I could use my skills as a trainer and learn something new to be able to teach others.
I decided to educate myself with Michael Force and Digital Altitude in the world of digital marketing, this is by far the best thing I have ever done. What have I learned?
Im going to break it down for you on a weekly basis and show you, that with drive and determination, you can better yourself and have the life you want instead of working yourself to the ground, no family life whilst lining someone else’s pocket.
Why do we do it to ourselves? Because we don’t think we are worthy? Because we are educated in a way that tells you – go to school – get a degree so that you can get a good job.
I don’t have a degree, I have common sense and good work ethic. These last three weeks, what I have learnt, has blown my mind.


Short and sweet

I am going to keep this one short. One of the things I love the most about Digital Altitude is the energy that all of the teams give off. I have been contacted over the last few weeks by people from all over the world who are all perusing the same goal. The support that we all have for each other is fanominal. I am really in awe of all of them.  We do daily calls with top earners within the company and it really makes you tingle when they are ensuring and pushing you to succeed. No one is giving up, no one is judging anyone. I am totally in love with our DA family. If you would like to join in have a listen in to one of our daily training calls click on the link below. Let me know what you think. It has, and will change me and my life for the better.

Recorded Live DA call

5 ways to get out of your comfort zone.

A lot of people have a place that they feel comfortable, where they are relaxed, where they don’t have to worry. Most people know this as “the comfort zone.” We all have one and we tend to go to it when we face something challenging in our daily life. We have the mentality of “if I stay in my comfort zone, everything will be ok.” 

We are all guilty of staying where we feel relaxed, not delibretly putting ourselves in situations that make us feel anxious with little stress. Whilst it is wise to play it safe most of the time, this practice is not good all of the time. 

Expreriences which involve a little bit of healthy stress and excitement is good for growth and enables you to learn new things about yourself, about your personality and your abilities. 

It is our natural animal instincts to stay where we are comfortable. When we face an obstacle or a task which takes us out of this, our body’s response is simply to shrink back into our zone and stay there. 

So how can I get myself out of my comfort zone I hear you say? Read below and I’ll give you some tips. 

What is outside of your comfort zone? 

Learning what is outside of your comfort zone is the start. Asking yourself what new things you want to try but are afraid to because you don’t want to fail. 

Write them down. Maybe you want to try something extreme like skydiving or maybe your taste is a little more mild and you always wanted to learn to play the piano. Comfort zones differ from one person to the next. Once you work out where your comforts sit,  it will be easier try something new.

Fail, fail and fail again.

Then learn from it, Surely, you’ve heard this before but it rings repeated. Failure is not the final result, totally the opposite, in fact it is a step to success. 

The main reason people don’t leave their comfort zones are because they are nervous about failure. 

This is why it is so critical to change your view of failure to enable you to succeed. 

The next step is to stop believing that failure as the final straw and look at it as a lesson. 

The questions that you should be asking yourself are, What can you learn from your past failures?  How will they help you to become better at whatever you choose?

Fear of failure can diminish any chance that you have of an improvement but when you choose to see it as learning curve, your comfort zone won’t be able to limit you anymore. 

Small steps 

One of the main reasons people go back to their comfort zones is the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

If you are continually pushing your boundaries, going too fast, too soon, then these things could be the very thing that puts you back in there. The trick is to take baby steps. 

Don’t try to take massive jumps out of your comfort zone. You are more than likely going to get flustered and won’t make it anywhere. 

So take small steps towards your end goal and you’ll have a much better chance at succeeding. 

Make it enjoyable

When you take you first steps out of your comfort zone, try not to focus so much on the steps that you take, or the goals you want to achieve, and the things you need to do to complete them.

Instead, make it fun. Remember, you taking yourself out of your comfort zone for self growth, to try something new, but most importantly to succeed beyond what you thought was possible. 

Consentrate on the enjoyment you’ll have with your new activities or how your new learnt skills will give you more time to enjoy yourself. 

After all, isn’t that the whole reason why you are getting out of your comfort zone in the first place? 

Put your conformt zone to sleep once in a while

Taking some chill time in your comfort zone once in a while is a healthy thing to do. 

However, don’t live in there all the time. You’ll miss out on so many opportunities to improve yourself and find new things you enjoy. 

Take a risk and get out today. Start by learning what’s outside of your comfort zone, learning from failure, take small steps, and make it fun. You can do it and you’ll be much better off for it.

Take a look at what our team says about Digital Altitude


If you really want to become wealthy and live a life of luxury and never have to worry about money, or when the next bill will come in. A passive income is the only way for this to work. 

So how do I start up a business with a passive income? 

Well I have done just that. I joined Digital Altitude just over a month ago, and it is by far the best this I have done in my career, instead of trying to start my own online business, which takes money, a lot of money, I decided that I would become an affiliate for Digital Altitude instead. I have received the best training for experts who have been doing this a long long time. Between them they have over 1000 years of experience. So it was a no brainier for me. 

I am reaping the benefits of an online education. 1-2-1 training via Skype daily, plus an abundance of like minded people to pass ideas up. Michael Force Has worked tirelessly over the last 20 years in the digital marketing business as has the people who he has teamed up with to create this amazing education package, whether you already have an online business that you want to learn how to get successfully off the ground, or you want to leverage this product and make money from it. Or you want to  Discover the 6 ninja techniques to creating a “quick-fire’ 6 figure internet business. Drop me a message or comment below. 

Trading pounds for hours 

Every entrepreneur, well everyone for that matter only has so many hours in a day to accomplish everything on their to-do-list. For most people this means they have to charge by the hour for the service they provide. 

If you have a consulting business you may make £100 per hour for providing your customers with a service. 

If you own a gardening business, maybe you charge £15 an hour to go and work on someone’s garden.  

If you are a social media or marketing provider, you may only charge your clients a fee for the start up work that you provide them and possibly a retainer for anything after for daily maintenance. 

Even if you make an amazing hourly rate, there are still only so many hours in a day, a week, a month or even a year. 

Ok so if you are a solicitor and you are charging £250 per hour, it’s likely that you are going to be able to buy a lovely family home, probably drive a high end car and enjoy the finer things in life, you are likely to be able to leverage other people’s administration skills to send out letters and manage your diary entries, however while you sleep at night, you aren’t going to be able to make money, and we all need sleep right!!! 

So what is a passive income? 

Basically, this is setting up a business that can practically run on autopilot 24/7 where you make money without you physically having to be working on it all the time. That being said, you couldn’t go away for a month, not do any work and still expect a fairy to come in and do it all for you. 

Creating a passive income takes dedication and for you to be robust. For this to work successfully, you must work hard for the first few months and even years so you are able to gain all the benefits in years to come.  The end game is for your passive income business model to keep earning you money while you get on with your day and enjoy life. 


How to create a 6 figure digital online business in 90 days or less 

Step 1 

What are the 5 key elements in doing this?  

1) traffics (eyes on your product)

2) funnel (getting people in)

3) filter (getting the right people in)

4) follow up (connecting with your buyer)

5) ascension model (having something for you customer to up grade to) 
So today I learned about the above 5 key steps to digital marketing.

I consider myself to be quite a smart person. But the things that Michael Force has done by creating this education programme has blown my mind.

 Not only is he a multi millionaire, but he has created a package of programmes which tells you how he got there. Instead of keeping that information to himself. He is leveraging his knowledge by allowing normal people like you and me to be able to learn from it and make millions. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I’d say it would take a pretty inspirational person to think outside of the box to do that!!! Knowledge is power. Find out how